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9 Things to Know When Visiting Kenya

This list may not be exhaustive, please ensure you implement number 9 after you check out the first 8 points below.

  1. Major Languages

Kenya is a unique country that has 43 major tribes and cultures. However, for ease of communication there are two prevalent languages used: Swahili and English.

You can choose to master a few basic words in Swahili since there is a number of people who may not be very conversant with English.

  1. Shopping

To do some personal shopping, there are some local shops and supermarkets that have a wide range of common daily requirements. Most local shops use cash to transact, supermarkets may accept mastercard, Visa or Mobile Money mostly M-Pesa.

  1. Essential Items

We feel that some essential items to carry may include such things as a torch, insect repellent, arrival and return ticket, a good camera, sunglasses and your passport and visa.

  1. Ways of Transacting

The prevalent currency is Kenya Shillings. You can make transactions using cash, Visa or Mastercard and Mobile Money (M-Pesa (Safaricom), Airtel Money (Airtel) or T-Kash (Telkom).

  1. Means of transport

In most parts of Kenya, the common means of transport are Public Service Vehicles that go by the name Matatus and also buses, taxis and motorbikes (bodaboda) are also a means of transport.

  1. Health Tips

Please ensure you have your anti-malaria and yellow-fever vaccination. And don’t forget to carry your vaccination certificates.

More so, remember to have your insurance documents in place.

  1. Weather

The weather in Kenya varies depending on the season. There are 4 seasons that depict the traits below.

Jan to Mid-March is hot and dry

Mid-March to June is warm with long rains

July to Mid-Oct is hot with green plains

Mid-Oct to December is cold with short rains

  1. Safety & Security

There exists a body that looks into tourist safety and communication, please check more details on their website

Always switch currency in a bank or a reputable foreign exchange bureau.

Never display your valuables anyhow to avoid attracting the wrong kind of people.

Use of bottled water is highly recommended. On top of this, be keen on where you accept open food stuff from.

It is also highly advisable to not approach an animal without confirmation of a guide regarding the safety of such an act.

Last but not least, in the event of taking photos or videos of people and buildings, ensure you have the consent of the person before doing so.

  1. Learn few facts from a variety of other sources

Invest your time in learning more from the different opinions of others. This can be done much easily by doing a simple search on Google regarding any question you may have. There exists a wealth of reputable sources that can give you correct information as you make your decision of visiting Kenya.

However, also beware of false information that may be out to tarnish the image of the whole country based on the past or based on propaganda or may be based on one event that may have been perpetrated by undesirable elements that exist in every nation on earth. Such events have probably occurred in areas far away from where you intend to visit and most certainly, the relevant authorities are on the look out to prevent re-occurrences.

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